Tuesday, September 11, 2012


TECTON is gratitude to innovation and a salutation to the new beginning...

We are glad to introduce ourselves as KAG INDIA (P) LTD., belonging to the prestigious KAG Group of Companies. With our Head Quarters at Chennai, India, we are engaged in Marketing & Manufacturing of diversified products viz., Ceramic Tiles, Bath Fittings, C.P. Fittings, Door handle & Locks, IT-ITES Solutions, Home Appliances, etc., across India and abroad for the past two decades.

TECTON represents the future of tiles in the country. A tile is not just a stone, it is piece of work. Ceramic tile paintings are few of the most sought after art specimens. Art has been portrayed over the decades through ceramic tiles. Today TECTON is all set to take this tradition ahead…

TECTON would offer a bewildering variety of options. This is because at the base the core parent company believes in presenting the customer with the difficulty of choice rather than the disappointment of its absence. We bring a flexible range of vibrant colors to match any interior decoration of tiles.

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